Marijuana Vending Machine Comes to Denver

A medical marijuana vending machine generating plenty of buzz in the media has made its debut in Denver, one of the largest MMJ markets in the country.

Doctor’s Orders – a dispensary just north of the downtown core – recently began offering patients the ability to purchase cannabis-infused cookies and candies via the machine, which is called Zazzz.

, Marijuana Vending Machine Comes to DenverThe machine accepts cash and Bitcoins, letting registered MMJ patients bypass lines and helping dispensaries handle larger crowds.

American Green, the company behind Zazzz, unveiled the machine earlier this year to much fanfare. Executives announced in a press release earlier this summer that their “initial common goal” with investors was to place 1,500 vending machines.

But the rollout of the product has been slow, and some observers are skeptical that the machine will gain traction.

American Green (formerly Tranzbyte) trades on the over-the-counter market under the symbol ERBB.

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5 comments on “Marijuana Vending Machine Comes to Denver
  1. Seth Tyrssen on

    Cameras will help, of course; but masked thugs commit robberies all the time. I suppose there’s no 100% sure-fire way to guarantee security.

  2. L4W on

    ERBB will be shut down by the SEC, AGAIN! Nothing buy low life crooks running that scam. Billions of shares sold for one maybe two machines, good luck.

  3. Peter on

    L4W – What a croc! You’re either a liar or misinformed. ERBB is one of the most forward-thinking MMJ businesses in world. The company has never “been shut down by the SEC.” Shorters like yourself need to find another company to troll. I hope you lose your shirt on this one. ERBB ON!

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