Maryland Announces 6-Month MMJ Licensing Delay

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Maryland’s medical cannabis commission announced Monday that it will wait until summer to choose the initial winners of cultivation and processing licenses.

That will set the program’s implementation back at least six months, as the state initially expected to name license winners in January.

Officials will also delay awarding dispensary licenses even longer, though an exact date has not yet been announced.

The commission indicated earlier this month that it planned to push the licensing timeline back due to a flood of applications. In total, the state received 1,081 applications for dispensary, cultivation and processing licenses.

Maryland will issue up to 109 dispensary licenses and 15 cultivation permits as well as an unlimited number of processor licenses.

The commission said it will first issue “stage one” permits for growers and processors this summer, which will allow them to start getting product ready for dispensaries.

The state is expected to issue a new timeline for dispensary licenses next month.

Initial winners will have a calendar year to complete final licensing requirements, which will include “raising capital, acquiring real estate, securing local zoning approvals, construction of facilities, installation of equipment and systems and the hiring and training of staff,” according to the release.