Maryland looks to increase diversity in MMJ industry

Maryland will conduct a study of the state’s developing medical marijuana industry to ensure opportunities for minority participation.

Gov. Larry Hogan on Thursday directed the Governor’s Office of Minority Affairs to work together with the state’s medical marijuana commission and the transportation department on the study.

The Republican governor ordered the study in response to concerns expressed by the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland. Legislation that would have created more licenses to grow marijuana to address a lack of minority ownership after a disparity study is conducted failed to pass in the closing minutes of the legislative session that ended this month.

Companies have shown strong interest in Maryland, an MMJ market that is expected to be lucrative. But the state has experienced numerous setbacks in getting its industry up and running, and it’s unclear if the new study will introduce any additional delays.

– Associated Press

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2 comments on “Maryland looks to increase diversity in MMJ industry
  1. William W. West on

    Instead of worrying about taxes and who’s going to get what, Maryland needs to go back to medical marijuana’s beginning and see where this movement got started and why.
    California’s Prop 215 is where it all began, the plan was simple enough and was working until taxes were introduced, once that got started it turned into a dog eat dog monopolized business at the cost of lives of innocent people looking for a non toxic medication that worked, where most anyone could produce. Again another perfect case of why government thinks they deserve to control your life and health. Now a much bigger problem has been laid upon their feet, safe access.

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