Maryland medical marijuana businesses form trade group

In Maryland, 20 growing and processing license winners have formed a trade association tasked with improving patient access and slashing bureaucratic red tape.

The Maryland Wholesale Medical Cannabis Trade Association (MedCan) is made up 20 firms: Seven of them won both growing and processing licenses, seven won only processing licenses and six won only cultivation licenses, according to the Baltimore Business Journal.

The association is the latest entry in the growing field of trade groups in the cannabis industry.

MedCan has hired lobbying firm Manis, Canning & Associates to work with state lawmakers and regulators on cannabis industry issues and also has retained a public relations company, KOFA Public Affairs, and a law firm, Venable LLP.

According to the Baltimore Business Journal, the association’s executive committee includes:

  • Chairwoman: Sue Quintero, adviser, ForwardGro
  • Vice Chair: Jake Van Wingerden, president, SunMed Growers
  • Treasurer: Reggie Alston, business development officer, Seven Points Agro-Therapeutics
  • Secretary: Mackie Barch, director of corporate development, Doctor’s Orders
  • At-Large: Haris Siddiqui, director, HMS Health
  • At-Large: Michael Bronfein, CEO, Curio Wellness
  • At-Large: Susan Zimmerman, CEO, Kind Therapeutics USA
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