Maryland lawmakers legalize cannabis edibles for medical market

Maryland has legalized the sale of edible medical marijuana products, which likely will provide a substantial revenue boost to MMJ businesses in the fast-growing market.

It would also open new business opportunities for edibles manufacturers.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan, a Republican, signed the provision into law on Monday, along with a marijuana-related, antitrust bill. State lawmakers had passed both bills in April.

Here are other important provisions in the two new laws:

  • An individual may own up to four MMJ dispensaries.
  • State regulators may not issue more than one grower or one processing license to each applicant.
  • Research institutions such as universities will be allowed to purchase medical cannabis for research. The provision was part of the marijuana edibles bill.

Maryland’s MMJ market launched in late 2017. Sales hit almost $110 million in 2018 and reached around $49 million in the first three months of 2019, according to state figures.

8 comments on “Maryland lawmakers legalize cannabis edibles for medical market
    • jeffrey on

      How can you say Terrible article, Look at 3 years ago was anything legal. Let the process happen … you weren’t a Man overnight.

  1. William Burchette on

    Great but I would rather grow my own. Stop the money grab. You think prescription drug prices are bad? Try paying 50$ for 3.5 grams of herb! If the patients interests were minded prices would be way lower but alas this is just another business.

    • Seb Man on

      Yea the state just screwed us with the $50 for a damn card. Things were fine I guess they didnt satisfy their greed. They could care less about patients. If they did they would let patients grow their own.

    • Turbo on

      Depends on what you are buying, 3.5 grams are going for $25 or less in a lot of cases. I would have to imagine you are not factoring the cost of growing premium flower and lab testing and mandatory regulations that make sure patients get clean effective medicine that is second to none. Whats the cost of growing and packaging flower that meets our States strict regulations? Should it be free? Will you test your own flower to make sure you aren’t getting heavy metals or other possible contaminants? Are you a patient in the program?

  2. Chemney on

    Edibles are a great way to enjoy yourself without the smell of weed. I have seen many recipes that incorporate marijuana. The food and medicine of the future.


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