Maryland MMJ commissioner targeted by lawsuits from ex-cops

A Maryland police chief who is also a member of the state’s medical cannabis commission is the target of multiple lawsuits – all filed by former police officers who worked for him – who allege a pattern of sexual harassment, racism, and workplace misconduct.

According to a report by WUSA 9, Police Chief Harry Robshaw III from the town of Cheverly stands accused of sexual assault and of ordering his officers to use racial profiling, specifically on African-Americans.

Among the orders Robshaw gave his subordinates, WUSA 9 reported, was that “if there is more than one black person in a car there is marijuana present and they should investigate.”

Robshaw also faces allegations that he retaliated against an officer by firing him unjustly after the officer’s wife accused him of sexually assaulting her with a pool cue during a 2008 Christmas party.

Robshaw has denied the accusations and said all the officers accusing him of misconduct are lying.

The report could play into a hearing scheduled for Friday on a lawsuit that alleges the Maryland MMJ commission illegally ignored racial diversity when awarding medical cannabis cultivation permits.

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4 comments on “Maryland MMJ commissioner targeted by lawsuits from ex-cops
  1. Patient Minority on

    Has anyone reporting on this Maryland diversity “issue” actual sat throughout he many hours of testimony like I have? We had an african american states attorney state that the commission acted responsibly based on the law of Maryland. She proposed a race neutral answer which was frowned upon by the black caucus… There was not illegal ignoring of race.

    As for Robshaw, his laundry has been aired for quite a long time and nobody cares. He has faced his discipline. OR is it only ok for one type of race to be free from their past after paying their dues? He’s actually been one of the nicest commissioners towards an easy and open program. And I hate the law enforcement industry so this is not easy to say.

    Maryland has now been the slowest program in the entire world. thousands of people of ALL colors have died waiting. Delays equal Deaths

  2. John on

    Mjbiz daily should possibly refrain from publishing any more PR speculation about the lawsuits in MD… As of publishing, their smear job on old news about the commissioner did not play any part in the hearing held today. Heck they should of published the actual result of the hearing, but they are just being used as a mouth piece and do little actual fact finding.

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