Some Maryland companies engaging in MMJ scams

Scammers are trying to take advantage of Maryland’s new medical marijuana program by offering patients phony pre-approvals and bogus MMJ cards, which could create an air of mistrust around the state’s emerging cannabis industry.

Maryland has not yet given doctors the green light to begin recommending medical cannabis, and there is no such thing as a pre-approval for patients, a representative from the Maryland Cannabis Industry Association told the Baltimore Sun.

The state reportedly has already received some 20 inquiries regarding suspect claims from so-called cannabis businesses.

While doctors can now sign up to participate in the program, the patient registry won’t open for at least a few weeks and possibly several months, according to the Sun.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, the state’s marijuana regulatory body, has handed out preliminary licenses for cultivation, processing and dispensary operations, but none of the licenses are final.

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3 comments on “Some Maryland companies engaging in MMJ scams
  1. Bill bill on

    So patrick jameson colludes with mike miller, head of md senate to give his family a license but is too stupid to realize that creating a doctor patient relationship is needed? If there is evidence of wrongdoing, handing out a “card” etc, where are the raids? The laws are clear and that is illegal. And Darrel Carrington is a joke, a lobby boy as slimey as they come, never to be trusted. Issues of scammers were brought up one and a half years ago, what took so long ?…if this is even true. How come no businesses are named? Where is the evidence?

    No, im not related to one of the doctors. In fact I just think its a diversion so that jameson takes the view off his a** being sued. Y various companies over his sllegedly overt cortuption.

    • Dave on

      Follow the Money, Maryland is one of the most corrupt states in the union, the 4+ year, slow roll of Maryland’s Cannabis program is just business as usual in Maryland where it’s all about kick backs and under the table money.

  2. Pam on

    There is a lot of corruption amongst the “New” cannabis people. In Washington, landlords are breaking the law and stealing licenses but the court decides in their favor. Pretty much, if they haven’t been in and vetted by your local cannabis community for over 5 years, do not engage in business with them.
    The margins are too thin for greed. Pot consumers will pay the lowest price. Unfortunately the greedy people don’t realize the economy of a stoner and think they can get rich off one. Totally naïve with greed.

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