Maryland Opens MMJ Business Application Period

Business licenses are now officially up for grabs in Maryland.

The state began its licensing application period on Monday, and the window will close in early November.

Officials will ultimately choose 109 dispensaries, 15 cultivators and an undetermined number of processors. The scoring process is expected to be completed by January, when pre-approval will be granted for business permits.

Final licensees, however, may take up to an additional year to complete all the necessary steps to obtain a permit, according to a press release from the state’s Medical Cannabis Commission.

“These steps could include raising capital, acquiring real estate, securing local zoning approvals, construction of facilities, installation of equipment and systems and the hiring and training of staff,” according to the statement.

A good number of out-of-state companies have taken an interest in Maryland, given that it’s going to be one of the largest MMJ markets on the East Coast and one of the biggest new markets to emerge in recent years.

The state also doesn’t have a residency requirement for licensing, meaning that it’s a prime target for established companies looking to expand across state lines.