Maryland retailer stops selling Old Bay-inspired marijuana sticker

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A Maryland cannabis accessory and clothing company will no longer sell a sticker with a design that’s similar to Old Bay Seasoning’s logo after the retailer received a cease-and-desist letter from the parent, spice giant McCormick & Co.

The sticker, sold at Crabcakes & Cannabis, said “420 Bud” and “Dank Herb” in the same style as the Old Bay Seasoning logo, according to Baltimore newspaper the Daily Record.

A McCormick spokesperson told the Daily Record it had asked the store to stop selling the sticker “on several occasions.”

Jennifer Culpepper, the founder of Crabcakes & Cannabis, said the sticker was intended to pay tribute to the well-loved seasoning brand and that shoppers are intelligent enough to see that.

“I think most people are smart enough to recognize that and that they understand that it is a parody of Old Bay because we are talking about different kinds of herbs,” Culpepper told the Daily Record.

It’s not the first time a cannabis brand has been accused of mimicking a mainstream consumer packaged good’s branding.

Chicago-based Ferrara Candy Co., for example, filed multiple lawsuits against a Florida cannabis company, alleging that it was infringing on the trademark for the Nerds candy brand.