Is Massachusetts adult-use marijuana market being propped up by New Yorkers?

Customers making the trek from nearby New York are responsible for as much as 50% of recreational marijuana sales so far in Massachusetts, according to reporting by Crain’s New York Business.

In Great Barrington, a town on Massachusetts’ western edge that’s only a one-hour drive from Albany and less than three hours from New York City, Theory Wellness has hit $11 million in sales in five months. About half of those sales are credited to New Yorkers.

“You see folks from New York City doing aggressive carpooling, with four or five people packed into a (vehicle),” Theory CEO Brandon Pollock told Crain’s.

Pollock estimated that Theory has been receiving about 1,000 customers a day, and sales have been double what he had expected.

Although New Yorkers are the biggest out-of-state customer demographic, plenty of consumers have visited from Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and other nearby states that don’t have legal marijuana shops.

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9 comments on “Is Massachusetts adult-use marijuana market being propped up by New Yorkers?
    • Oma Freitag on

      Since it’s still federally illegal, they can be charged with possession and/or trafficking as soon as they cross the state line.

    • Chan on

      If the NYers don’t have a prescription, yes, they are criminals upon returning to NY.

      Also Pollock is a fool for acknowledging that he’s effectively engaged in interstate commerce. Who would invite such scrutiny? Didn’t everyone learn a lesson from Chris Bartkowicz’s foolish arrogance?

  1. jeff l on

    Hooray!!!!! Good for the New Yorkers
    Why can`t they just legalize the cannabis industry on a federal level across the whole USA and tax it to raise the revenue to build highways and pay for other projects that need addressing.
    That way people from other states wouldn`t have to travel 150 miles to buy the stuff.
    Everybody loves it. So why not sell it.
    This stuff isn`t oxycontin or meth. You smoke it, laugh alot and get the munchies and then go to sleep.When you wake up you don`t feel like crap like you do when you drink too much.
    ….come on people wake up and smell the money…It`s a no brainer
    Everybody wins


    Because we have politicians who do not listen to their constituents instead of big money pharma. That are lining their pockets. Along with Alcohol co.

    • Lance Brofman on

      In NY the anti-legalization politicians get more money from illegal sellers now than from the pharma, tobacco and alcohol interests. Decriminalization, without legalization is the best of all possible outcomes for the illegal sellers now. They have no competition from legal sellers, their customers increase because there is no fear among consumers of arrest and the illegal sellers now don’t have to worry much about bailing out their low-level distributors.

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