Massachusetts fears medical marijuana shortage once adult-use sales launch

Massachusetts’ medical marijuana industry is worried the MMJ supply will dry up once the state begins legal recreational sales in July.

According to, industry analysts are convinced there won’t be enough cannabis to support both markets, citing supply problems in other states that added adult-use programs, including Nevada and Washington.

Industry watchers believe it will take too long for businesses to develop a robust supply source to meet the demand for two customer bases.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Twenty-two dispensaries sell medical marijuana, and nine more are in the final stage of the approval process.
  • The state has 46,300 registered MMJ patients. According to, those patients consume 29,000 ounces of marijuana a month. There is no data on how much cannabis the state’s cultivators produce.
  • Twelve of the state’s medical marijuana dispensaries grow their own cannabis. More cultivation licenses have been issued, but industry watchers anticipate only about two dozen growers will be operational by June.
  • There’s no estimate on how many applications will be submitted for recreational licenses in April. Licenses are slated to be issued June 1.
  • New cultivation facilities won’t have an immediate impact on the supply, however. According to, it can be 18 months to three years before new cultivators actually harvest marijuana crops.

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3 comments on “Massachusetts fears medical marijuana shortage once adult-use sales launch
  1. Josh Monty on

    It’s too bad Mass. can’t purchase from legal grow-ops in Oregon! Oregon has the exact opposite problem; there’s too much legal marijuana and too few consumers!

    The right answer is to test the bounds of federal enforcement by agreeing to an exclusive sales agreement between the two states. Whether the federal government decides to enforce interstate commerce restrictions (“trafficking”) will be fascinating to watch.

    • JMAT on

      Totally disagree! Let’s take a breath and allow enough time for the MA economy and it’s residents to get up to speed with cultivation. There is absolutely no reason to potentially piss off the Feds AND send MA dollars out of state.

  2. BigEd on

    Mass has NOT licensed anyone yet. Will not until July. Including Medical converting to Retail and maybe new retailers. But cultivation even if it starts July 1st will not produce until Oct/Nov
    Only product available will be sold at market price so with huge shortgae will come huge price. Medical patients will suffer with not having meds and paying two to three times more. The state needs to expedite cultivation licenses before retail.

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