Massachusetts finalizes recreational cannabis regulations

Massachusetts got closer Tuesday to making recreational marijuana sales in the state a reality this summer after the approval of final regulations for MJ companies.

The state Cannabis Control Commission voted unanimously in support of the rules, Boston radio station WBUR reported.

The regulations have been in the works for months.

Commission chairman Steve Hoffman told that “it’s still our intent” to meet the July 1 deadline for the launch of recreational cannabis sales.

The biggest possible delay in the summer rec rollout, Hoffman said, could emerge at the local level when it comes to municipalities signing off on their own regulations and permits for MJ businesses.

“It’s certainly possible. I’m hoping it’s not the case,” Hoffman told

Some of the more noteworthy changes to the final rules, according to WBUR:

  • Onsite consumption and MJ delivery will not be permitted for now; regulators agreed last month, however, to have regulations for onsite businesses and delivery ready within a year.
  • Dispensaries will have to set aside at least 35% of their inventory for medical marijuana patients.
  • Grows will be limited to 100,000 square feet of canopy.
  • Anyone with felony drug trafficking convictions – other than for marijuana – will be banned from the industry.

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8 comments on “Massachusetts finalizes recreational cannabis regulations
  1. John Antonellis on

    As more ailments are added to the qualifing list under the MMP and patient registration grows it will be important to ensure medicinal needs are met. It would seem down the road medical insurance will be adding this alternative to its covered prescription list. This could put a strain on medicinal supplies. I’m a 5 year pancreatic cancer survivor registered in NJ’s MMP and as college student in mid 1970’s it was for recreational purposes and now an important part of managing the challenges of cancer and its treatment.

  2. tracey gregory on

    “Dispensaries will have to set aside at least 35% of their inventory for medical marijuana patients.”

    Is this for recreational dispensaries or medical dispensaries with a dual permit? So, a card carrying medical pt can purchase at a recreational dispensary without paying the state tax? Just want to clarify? Thanks

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