Massachusetts gives initial OK to marijuana cafes, delivery firms

Massachusetts regulators gave preliminary approval to rules that would permit marijuana cafes and delivery services in the state, paving the way for the creation of two new types of cannabis businesses.

The state’s Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) approved draft regulations – along with some restrictions – for the two new types of business licenses.

The agency will likely finalize the regulations in September, after a comment period, The Boston Globe reported.

The proposed regulations would reserve cafe and delivery licenses for local entrepreneurs whose small companies already hold microbusiness or craft-cooperative licenses from the CCC, as well as participants in the commission’s economic empowerment and social equity programs, according to the newspaper.

After two years, any company could apply for delivery licenses, unless regulators extend a ban on larger, out-of-state firms meant to foster “an inclusive industry,” the Globe reported.

It’s not clear when deliveries or cannabis cafes would be allowed to begin.

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3 comments on “Massachusetts gives initial OK to marijuana cafes, delivery firms
  1. jeff l on

    Go Massachusetts!!!!!
    Now that`s a state with alot of cents……no pun intended
    Unlike the back woods of West Virginia…yehaa

  2. Kurtis Palmer on

    Hypatheticly, if marijuana cafes should come to fruition, where would business owners stand where patrons and oui standards are concerned? Furthermore,how would a marijuana Oui be determined? If it were to be determined by the police officers opinion, would that not be an assessment based on the cops mood of the day? A scientific way of determining to what extent a person’s thc levels at that point in time would have to be measured scientifically by a blood test.

  3. Kurtis Palmer on

    Why would the initial cannabis cafes be restricted to existing micro-businesses first? I think the newcomers deserve an opportunity to establish as much as, if not more than businesses that are existing. Everyone deserves a chance to be successful. After all is that not the American way. I’d like to think that I’m proud to be an American, not when the man is dictating who gets a chance to be successful. This actually looks,to me, more like a dictatorship. This brings to mind a little slogan coined by our own leadership: EQUAL OPPORTUNITY! It really doesn’t make sense, “let the successful succeed.” Who is the person making up these absurd conditions? I’d like to meet him!

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