Massachusetts marijuana regulators approve more recreational retail licenses

The first day of adult-use cannabis sales in Massachusetts reportedly went smoothly Tuesday, and regulators continued to approve final retail licenses in an attempt to keep the industry in the state moving forward.

Steven Hoffman, chairman of the state’s Cannabis Control Commission, told The Boston Globe he expects more retail, cultivation and manufacturing licenses to be approved on a rolling basis.

He also said the two dispensaries that were approved to sell recreational marijuana Tuesday – Cultivate in Leicester and New England Treatment Access (NETA) in Northampton – did not report any first-day hitches to the commission.

The state has issued three more final retail licenses, the newspaper reported:

  • Alternative Therapies Group in Salem
  • INSA in Easthampton
  • Pharmacannis Massachusetts in Wareham

Now, those businesses must wait for the commission’s “commence operations” notice, which requires a three-day delay before the companies can open.

“We have now three final retail licenses that have been issued on top of the two that opened (Tuesday),” Hoffman told the Globe. “They’ve got to get their inventory into Metrc (the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system), and they’ve got to let us come out and do a physical inventory inspection.

“Those three stores will be open as quickly as that happens. That’s at the control of the licensees.”

Massachusetts voters legalized recreational marijuana in November 2016.

However, it has taken regulators two years to launch the program, including a delay of the July 1 target date for retail sales to begin.

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3 comments on “Massachusetts marijuana regulators approve more recreational retail licenses
  1. John A Verkitus on

    I live in PA, WE need recreational cannabis here asap. Medical is really expensive and Insurance companies will not cover it, so it makes it hard for disabled people to afford their prescriptions!

    We would also be able to grow our own if we have a green thumb or just decide to try it..

    If it wasn’t so expensive to live in MA, I would just move there, but it is no going to happen due to high rent or land ownership costs..

    Something needs to be Done in PA very soon to help Everyone who needs or wants cannabis!

  2. DJF on

    Yet, I took a look at the CCC website and there are no additional scheduled meetings for the rest of this month or any in December. Last meeting on 11/20 produced 2 additional (INSA and ATG) final licenses. Are we calling this learning from our lessons?

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