Massachusetts regulators say yes to marijuana cafes, home delivery

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Massachusetts regulators approved two new types of licenses that could be a boon to marijuana businesses in the state – cannabis cafes and home delivery.

The Springfield Republican reported that the Cannabis Control Commission voted 4-1 to allow social consumption of recreational marijuana at cafes as well as delivery of adult-use cannabis to residences.

Both licenses will cost $1,500 to apply, with a $10,000 annual renewal fee.

For the first two years the two licenses will be reserved for social equity and economic empowerment applicants, which include minority-owned companies and others.

Cannabis Control Commission Chairman Steven Hoffman said the home delivery permits could be considered within a couple of months, but will still need to be approved at the local level.

It’s expected to take longer for cannabis cafes to get up and running. The state Legislature needs to change the law before municipalities are allowed to participate.

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