Massachusetts totals record $151.8 million in monthly marijuana sales

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Sales of legal marijuana in Massachusetts reached new heights in June, when combined recreational and medical cannabis transactions totaled $151.8 million.

Marijuana sales increased by nearly 2.6% over May’s combined sales total.

The June figure includes $132.8 million in adult-use marijuana sales and $19 million in MMJ sales, according to data from Massachusetts’ Cannabis Control Commission (CCC).

From Jan. 1 through July 2, adult-use marijuana retailers in Massachusetts sold $760.6 million worth of cannabis, the CCC data shows.

Medical marijuana treatment centers have sold $118.5 million worth of cannabis to patients and caregivers over the same period.

Meanwhile, CCC data shows that the average price of a gram of adult-use cannabis in Massachusetts fell to a new low of $5.82 in June.

By contrast, a gram sold for $14.34 on average in June 2020, illustrating the rapid decline in cannabis prices as the Massachusetts market has matured.

Adult-use cannabis retailers in Massachusetts sold a gross total of $4.74 billion between Nov. 5, 2018, and July 2, 2023, according to the CCC.

MMJ gross sales to patients and caregivers totaled $1.08 billion between March 20, 2019, and July 2, 2023.