Massachusetts Vaporizer Company Raises $1.6 Million

An upstart Massachusetts company focused on the cannabis market announced it has raised $1.6 million from angel investors to develop its flagship vaporizer.

CannaKorp says its vaporizer will deliver medical cannabis in a single-use, dose-controlled cup – similar to a smaller version of the coffee pod.

It’s been dubbed the “Keurig for marijuana,” a reference to the single-serve coffee maker. CannaKorp also recently recruited a former senior vice president with Keurig – Dave Manly – to be its chief executive officer and chairman.

In its news release Tuesday, CannaKorp said it reshuffled its top management and elevated co-founder James Winokur to be CEO.

Manly will continue as chairman.

CannaKorp, founded in November, plans to begin shipping its vaporizer in late 2016 or early 2017.

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7 comments on “Massachusetts Vaporizer Company Raises $1.6 Million
  1. Greg James on

    Hi Brandon, when we bring our product to market we expect you and our customers will be very pleased with the thought we have put into your concern. CannaKorp with a “K” is a kind company founded on a commitment to developing social and environmental responsibility programs.

  2. Dana Deaton on

    I met their team at a Womans Grow Summit. Amazing people, amazing product that will revolutionize the vaporizer. Making it a pleasant experience for even the most conservative cannabis curious market.
    I hope to co-package with you guys.

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