MD Names Preliminary Winners for Grower, Processor Licenses

Maryland’s Medical Cannabis Commission on Monday unveiled the names of the 15 cultivators and 15 processors who won preliminary approval to secure licenses, marking another step forward for the state’s medical marijuana program.

Maryland received 145 grower applications, 124 processor applications and 811 dispensary license applications. Dispensary winners – two for each of the state’s 47 senatorial districts plus potentially one for each of the preliminary cultivator winners – are expected to be announced in September.

Medical marijuana sales could begin in summer of 2017, commissioners said in the press release announcing the preliminary, or pre-approval, winners.

Seven of the processor winners are affiliated with growers who won pre-approvals, the press release said.

“A pre-approval is not a license,” Dr. Paul W. Davies, chairman of the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission, said in a statement.

Both the cultivation and processor pre-approval winners include Doctor’s Orders. It was recently embroiled in controversy when it came out that a state legislator, Dr. Dan Morheim, had pushed hard for medical marijuana legalization while keeping mum about his involvement in the industry as the medical director of Doctor’s Orders.

The cultivation winners include Harvest of Maryland, whose parent company Harvest Inc. has businesses in Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois. Harvest Inc. raised eyebrows last October when it announced if had offered a 5% equity stake to the town of Hancock, the planned site of Harvest of Maryland’s cultivation operation.

The locations of the growers and processors span 16 counties and Baltimore City. Maryland has 24 counties.

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4 comments on “MD Names Preliminary Winners for Grower, Processor Licenses
  1. seesoclearly on

    Yup, big money will crowd out all the small operators like in everything else. Things like this will keep the underground system working like it has for the past 50 years. Kinda like the gun people don’t want to license their guns because the gov will have their names, the pot entrepreneurs will give their info to the gov in their license applications only to be crowed out by big money that has already bought their licenses, but the gov will now know their info too. Happened in NorCal where the honest growers wanted to come out and pay taxes and operate legally only to have the feds grab the list and raid them. Just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they aint after you. Best to never touch the flower.

    • Bummed on

      I am seriously bummed that Talbot County wasn’t given a chance. Just because there are many millionaires here doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of people here that need good-paying jobs in a market that will surely skyrocket. I noticed that neighboring Dorchester County was granted 2 licenses for both growing & processing….so much for spreading things out.

  2. tjoyave on

    It really has… strange how well no one is yelling about the basic simple facts … that 4 of the companys are under 1 year old in Maryland, and the fact that green leaf medical has been renting space @ 9k a month for 10 months in hope’s of getting a license, and then end up with one,,, something is very amiss in the licensing of these.. money and power will always win.. I think a lawsuit will be forth coming in weeks into the approval of these license..

    • Dave on

      Maryland is one of the the most corrupt states there is. I have lived in Maryland for 57 years and know that everything in Maryland Gov. is a kick-back or money under the table. Maryland is as rigged as they come…

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