Medical cannabis back on Florida ballot for 2016

John Morgan is a man of his word.

After a narrow defeat in the 2014 election, Morgan, a millionaire Orlando attorney who almost single-handedly bankrolled the Florida MMJ campaign, vowed that the issue would return this year if the legislature didn’t legalize medical cannabis. And on Wednesday, the state Division of Elections announced that Morgan’s group had collected enough signatures to make the ballot again.

United for Care, Morgan’s campaign, turned in over 1 million signatures in support of their initiative, and the state validated 692,981 signatures, just over the 683,149 mark the campaign needed to hit.

“This effort cost millions of dollars – but it needed to happen,” Morgan wrote in an ecstatic email to supporters. “I told you when we came up short in 2014 that we would win the war, and we will. Medical marijuana is coming to Florida.”

People United for Medical Marijuana, the formal political action committee behind the campaign, has so far raised over $3.3 million, much of that from Morgan and his law firm. They’ll likely need several million more to cross the finish line in November, especially given that opposition – as it was in 2014 – could be very well-funded.

But if the amendment passes this time around (it needs a 60% supermajority to win), Florida could quickly become the second-largest MMJ market in the country after California.

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5 comments on “Medical cannabis back on Florida ballot for 2016
  1. Jeff Brown on

    Florida will be a big win for the south. Any help will be appreciated. Florida is probably the toughest state in the nation that has the initiative process with a million signatures and 60 percent of the vote required. I have a feeling that if we don’t pull it off this time around that Morgan will not be back for a third try.

  2. Sam on

    organ is in it for the money. Wall Street Journal article reveals he had lots of land under option to buy fir cultivation should law pass. Just another greedy attorney saying the right words to get his way.

    • Joe on

      Of course Morgan has a financial interest, that’s why he’s bank rolling the whole operation. But, Florida needed someone to do it, for the rest of us. I say more power to him, and to all of us.

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