Medical marijuana company wants Florida to jump-start edibles sales

A medical marijuana company in Florida wants the state to speed up the process that would allow MMJ businesses to process and sell edibles.

Surterra Florida – which is based in Atlanta but possesses MMJ business licenses in Florida – is “demanding” that state regulators begin making rules for a new law that would implement the constitutional amendment voters approved in June, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Under the law, medical cannabis companies will be allowed to sell edibles as long as they don’t appeal to children, particularly their “shapes, forms and ingredients,” according to the newspaper.

Colorado recently banned marijuana edibles shaped like humans, animals or fruits in hopes fewer children would be lured to MMJ products.

Florida has 30 days to start the rule-making process, but the health department said it has already begun working on developing the rules, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Buoyed by evolving consumer taste, infused marijuana products – specifically edibles and concentrates – are one of the fastest-growing segments of the cannabis industry.

One comment on “Medical marijuana company wants Florida to jump-start edibles sales
  1. Jeanine Buckley on

    Actually, the fact that Florida has a high percentage of retirees, and new-to-cannabis users lends itself to a great niche market for edibles. They are easier to digest, especially for elders with teeth issues and/or delicate stomachs. This is where each state can really customize the cannabis market to its individual needs and I think Florida is making smart decisions by looking right away at the edibles market. BRAVO!


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