Medical Marijuana Industry Group Meeting a Treasure Trove of Info for Dispensary Owners

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Tonight we’ll be attending a meeting in Denver organized by the Medical Marijuana Industry Group, better known as MMIG, to chat with some industry players and learn more about the legal landscape for the sector in Colorado.

The group hosts monthly meetings to give its members information, networking opportunities, regulatory compliance training and some quality time with MMIG lobbyists. Counting 23 dispensaries in Colorado as members, the Medical Marijuana Industry Group “advocates for policy that ensures that patients receive safe, legal access to quality medicine; promotes sensible, reasonable regulation of medical marijuana centers, growers, and infused products manufacturers; protects business and property rights; promotes and advances the study of medical marijuana; and educates patients about marijuana and its medicinal benefits.”

Tonight’s agenda includes a rundown of HB 1043, a copy of which you can find here. The bill essentially includes new provisions – including one extending the moratorium on new dispensaries by another year – and forces existing medical marijuana centers and vendors to adopt compliance measures by early July. Here are some of the highlights of the bill from Jeff Gard, a lawyer in Denver.

While that part of the meeting will be very useful, we’re particularly interested in talking to dispensary owners about the challenges they face and their biggest pain points. If you’ d like to share your thoughts and concerns about running a dispensary, please drop us a line.