Medical marijuana likely will make November ballot in Utah

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All signs point to medical marijuana being added to the November ballot in Utah.

Roughly 160,000 signatures have been gathered in support of an MMJ ballot initiative, and around 120,000 signatures have been verified by county clerks, Salt Lake City TV station Fox 13 reported.

MMJ advocates needed 113,000 signatures to qualify for the November vote.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The effort is being led by Utah Patients Coalition, which began collecting signatures in August.
  • Advocates have until April 16 to collect a minimum threshold of signatures in 26 of Utah’s 29 senate districts, and some of the districts are still a few signatures short.
  • According to Fox 13, the ballot initiative includes more treatable conditions than the Utah legislature would like, which could cause some resistance.
  • The ballot initiative would include language to allow production and sale of oils, edibles, topicals and vaping supplies, but smoking cannabis would be banned.
  • A recent poll showed 77% of Utahns support legalizing access to medical marijuana.