After long wait, medical cannabis sales to begin in Arkansas in less than a month

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas are less than a month from beginning sales, bringing to an end a long wait for a program that’s been slow to roll out since voters approved MMJ in 2016.

Cultivators plan to harvest flower next week, with the first medical marijuana dispensary sales to start May 12, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Cannabis cultivation firm Bold Team is expected to begin cutting down plants on April 23 or April 24, then will trim, dry, cure and package flower in the following weeks.

For more details about the start of Arkansas’ first harvest and dispensary sales click here.

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7 comments on “After long wait, medical cannabis sales to begin in Arkansas in less than a month
  1. David Kuebler on

    All cards need to be reinstated to patients from the date which the first dispensary opens. There’s no difference between early issued cards not being able to be used, than a person buying a car and the dealership keeping the vehicle until they are ready to allow purchaser to take possession. STATE THIEVERY!!!


        This is BS!!!!!! First we wait almost 3 years and we still have no guarantee a definite time the dispensaries will open.They had no problem taking our money 1 or 2 years ago and we did what we were suppose to and they are making us do it again because of their misdoings?? How twisted is our state?? All of the people not wanting it to be legal for medical use will do anything to try and stop it. They protest marajuana so why aren’t they protesting Demoral, Codiene, Morphine, Xanax or Alcohol?? Are they really that ignorant?? Where is my money if i have to re-instate my card?? Oh I know we will probably get it in 3years!!!!!!

  2. Deborah A Metcalf on

    If the first harvest actually yields the projected 200lbs and each person buys the allowed 2.5 oz that means only 1280 people will get their marijuana. So far 10,000 people have received their cards which means 8,720 will STILL be waiting! Ridiculous!!

  3. Steven Rohrer on

    I’m a double amputee so I feel your pain as well as my own. I feel a class action lawsuit is way overdue in this matter and ALL OF US who have suffered because of this states incompetence and all involved.
    This has gone far beyond BS but then I’m just a dumb hillbilly so what do I know or where to even start. 200 lbs,ARKANSAS are you kidding me. But then again it’s only time. TRY SEPTEMBER BEFORE THEY CAN ACTUALLY DELIVER TO ALL OF US REALLY IN NEED….MABEY!

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