Bill to limit medical cannabis THC going to full Florida House

A measure to restrict the strength of smokable medical marijuana is heading to the Florida House floor, a move that could curb retail sales of MMJ.

The House Appropriations Committee approved a bill Tuesday to limit the strength of marijuana flower to 10% THC, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed.

The vote came less than a month after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill repealing a ban on smokable medical marijuana.

The committee rejected an amendment proposed by Democratic Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith that would have allowed medical marijuana to treat opioid addiction.

Medical marijuana advocates and patients reacted angrily to the cap, jeering during the meeting.

Those testifying said higher THC marijuana would help patients.

Opponents of the measure also argue that marijuana with higher THC levels are already on the market and that capping the percentage would boost illicit marijuana sales.

But Republican Ray Rodrigues later said smokable medical marijuana has been available for only two weeks, so people aren’t losing access to something they’ve legally had available for a long time.

– Associated Press

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16 comments on “Bill to limit medical cannabis THC going to full Florida House
  1. Pissed Off on

    “But Republican Ray Rodrigues later said smokable medical marijuana has been available for only two weeks, so people aren’t losing access to something they’ve legally had available for a long time”

    WTF?This is because these guys have dropped the ball for the last 2 years. We all knew the amendment was supposed to include smoking until they banned it. Crooks like Rodriguez is getting paid big money to thwart progress. Vote them out

  2. Jeff on

    LIMIT these politicians “crooks” personal liquor content to 10% by volume and see how well that goes!
    We shall meet you scumbags at the voting booth!

  3. Jason on

    Think about it all. First they say only concentrate which is btw ( 80% THC) . Then when we finally get flower available and they say over (10% THC) is bad? See the lies yet. How is ethanol ( fuel) extracted thc is healthier to vape then 100% pure natural no chemical flower? It’s all a scam to make money of your bad health.

  4. Gary on

    I wouldn’t think it possible with modern growing practices to produce flower that is only 10% THC… that’s going to be a tough balance for cultivation, healthy plants with only 10 THC?

    That sounds like “session” cannabis. Interesting that you’d go from having a ban on combustible flower, I assume to mitigate risk of smoking, to encouraging people to smoke more by limiting potency. Seems counterintuitive.

    • David S Schellenberger on

      This is crazy it is a commodity like tobacco corn Etc. They can grow it on Open Fields and harvested and extract the THC some basic plants and use that in Vapor Products xcetera in grow the premium weeds in the warehouse for the smokable

  5. Mark Barnette on

    This guy from Fort Myers Ray Rodrigues has been the main culprit from the time amendment 2 was voted in 2016 who has lead the efforts try and stop the will of 71% of the people. I would hold everyone of them accountable if the vote yes

  6. Vicki on

    My daughter needs to be able to use this product. Due to pain and anxiety. First they make it legal to get flower, then the doctors require that you go back and pay more to get ok’d to to get the flower. Now the government wants to get in and mess with the product. Which will make them buy it illegally, which could be dangerous. Could cost them their lives.

    Everybody just need to get out of our pockets. Let our family members that require the meds. to get them, safely. Tax it just like they do everything else. Make it safe for the producers to deposit their funds in a bank. Let the people that need the product use it. Legalize this stuff and stop the drug dealers from making all the money.

  7. Glenn Davis on

    Let Florida get the advantage of the taxes on full recreational pot for just one year, and you won’t hear another word on banning anything.

  8. Al on

    Trulieve and Curaleaf had been selling flower in ceramic pods (to be used with a vaporizer) with THC contents around 20% and even greater for more than a year already. You can buy concentrates and vapeable cannabis oil with up to 90% THC. So how come flower over 10% is considered dangerous and other forms are safe? Doesn’t make sense. Please respect the voters will and honor the amendment as it was proposed and approved.

  9. Maryjane on

    I’m floored they can try and possibly pass another amendment when the voter passed such a different bill. We will just have to keep fighting for our legal rights.

  10. Terry Davis on

    I suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, as well as insomnia now dew to the crack down on opiates many doctors are heastant to prescribe the pain meds and Xanax that I have been on for the last 10 years my pain management Dr. retired and am having trouble finding another Dr. As a result I am going to try medical cannabis but the low THC high CBD really doesn’t work for my problems. Now trying to find a Dr. Who will recommend full strength cannabis. Now I hear that some of the political parties in Florida want to put limits to 10% THC. Let the medical professionals do what they have been trained for and keep the political parties out of this .

  11. Army Chick on

    Great. They don’t want me to use the heavy opioids needed to treat Army related injuries. When I finally decide to get the card, now they want to limit the amount of compounds in it. Is it possible to survey overdoses in relation to restriction to much needed narcotics vs. marijuana vs. alcoholics or other addicts vs. suicides or other types of deaths? And yes, if you pull any of these treatments from a lawmaker, I think a different tune will be played. I just saw approved and my sweet husband has to either prolong retirement or get another job to pay for tx. Ridiculous.

  12. Vanessa Edelen on

    Come on Your just doing it so we the Patients have to buy twice as much to get our recommended dose his is crazy It already cost so much a lot disabled, vets etccan hardly afford it How are we suppose to afford more money Please do not pass this Bill
    I have gotten to reduce my meds by half
    I don’t want to return to full rx

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