MedMen seeks to trademark the word ‘cannabis’ for T-shirts

marijuana trademarks medmen, MedMen seeks to trademark the word ‘cannabis’ for T-shirts

California-based MedMen Enterprises has filed an application to trademark the word “cannabis” for use on T-shirts, but a trademark specialist is skeptical the application will fly with the federal government.

The application, filed in early October with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), follows the multistate cannabis company’s successful effort to trademark a marijuana leaf design for shirts in 2017, according to MedMen spokesman Daniel Yi.

“The geometric leaf you see on our Website and other collaterals is trademarked so we are looking to extend the idea for the word ‘cannabis,’” Yi wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

But trademark specialist Frank Herrera, managing attorney of H New Media Law in Florida, predicted it will be tough for MedMen to get such approval.

“There are several (trademarks) that include cannabis for clothing, but they all are used in connection with other terms and/or are stylized,” Herrera said.

“Simply attempting to register the word cannabis alone and not stylized (with logos or a design, for example) for clothing will not work, in my opinion.”

He predicted the government “will most likely reject the application” because there are so many uses of the term cannabis in connection with similar merchandise, such as clothing.

Herrera, who will discuss trademarking at MJBizCon in Las Vegas in November, conducted research on others who’ve tried to trademark the word cannabis. He found attempts dating to 1996.

He predicted it will be at least three months until the USPTO issues its first “office action” on the MedMen application, which is a formal letter detailing the government’s position on the application’s merits.

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13 comments on “MedMen seeks to trademark the word ‘cannabis’ for T-shirts
  1. David G Ostrow MD PhD LFAPA on

    This sounds like another foot dropping in the inevitable corporatization of cannabis cultivation, branding and monopolistic marketing. Why would MedMen want to trademark the term “cannabis” unless it were to make them the Apple of cannabis production and marketing?

  2. Josh on

    Greed pure and simple, now anytime the word cannabis is used they will get a royalty…sorry medmen you dont get to own marijuana, cannabis or any other term covetted by an entire industry. What about companies who have licensed company names with the word cannabis in it?. This is a gross over reach by a corporation who is obviously just trying to take over a profitabke market while squeezing the competition.

    • Randy Miles on

      Interesting, coming from a group that uses a derivative of another well know “CANNABIS” company’s name…do they have ANY original ideas?

  3. Grow Your Own on

    Now this is downright despicable that a company wants the right to sue anyone using the word “cannabis” on a t-shirt. Talk about over-reach. This is bad, bad news for cannabis industry. This company is showing the world what they care about — it’s not cannabis. It’s money.

    Now, go grow your own (tastes better, smoother, cheaper too!) or support your local non-corporate dispensary. Forget this company Med-who? Men-nope.

  4. Bruce Ryan on

    These folks are nuts. Trademark a ‘name’ – “Cannabis”? which is derived from the old school Cannabis Sativa (L)…. Carl Linnaeus in 1753

    Good luck with that one, MadMen boys. IF you do succeed, we will challenge you in court. You are 265 years late.

    • Pakaolo Pete on

      I agree with u Bruce. WTF MeDMan…over reach and just plain wrong. You greedy SOB. You represent what’s wrong with legalization. MEDMAN corporate mainstream fools. People on the Westside, boycott MEDMAN.

  5. Pakalolo Pete on

    WTF over reach! MEDMAN over reach, and corporate BS. Screw them. So it’s all about the money, you greedy bunch of idiots. Not a brilliant idea, just frikkin greed.

  6. Tyrone Doutherd on

    i have the term ijuana and i-juana trademarked for apparel and other things ijuana hit, ijuana joint, ijuana get lit, just to name a few ijuana wear,com coming soon good luck with that MedMen don’t think you’ll get it.

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