Mexican Supreme Court Sides With Marijuana

Cannabis reform efforts just took a big step forward in Mexico, which  eventually could lead to a new market for marijuana entrepreneurs.

The Mexican Supreme Court stated in a ruling this week that individuals should have the right to cultivate and distribute cannabis for personal use, according to The New York Times.

The ruling doesn’t immediately overturn anti-marijuana laws in the country. And this case in particular will only apply to four plaintiffs, who are members of a group called Mexico United Against Crime that wants the government to focus on violent offenders instead of marijuana growers, sellers and consumers

But the Times notes that it does pave the way for “a wave of legal actions that could ultimately legalize marijuana.” And that could create enormous possibilities on the business side of the equation.

The plaintiffs applied for a business license with the country’s drug regulatory agency but were denied. They filed an appeal, and that became the basis of the Supreme Court decision handed down this week.

For marijuana to be legalized by the courts in Mexico, there are two options. Either judges in the court’s criminal section will have to make the same ruling five times, or eight of the 11 Supreme Court members will have to support such a change, according to the Times.

It could be an uphill battle.

Public opinion is running strongly against the legalization of even medical cannabis, with the federal government, the Roman Catholic Church and the majority of Mexicans all opposed. And only an estimated 2% of Mexicans use cannabis, according to a 2011 survey.

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One comment on “Mexican Supreme Court Sides With Marijuana
  1. C. Harrison-Smith on

    These researchers proved that the human brain contains a receptor, CB1, whose sole purpose is to receive the active ingredient in Cannabis, THC.
    Therefore, it is a human right to grow, use and possess Cannabis because our Creator designed us with the specific intent that we receive the active ingredient in Cannabis. Which makes Mexico’s ruling absolutely correct!
    We now know without doubt that our Creator made us with the specific intent that we would receive the active ingredient in Cannabis making it a basic human right as Mexico so righteously has determined. Knowing this, how insidious does it make the US government that they disproportionately incarcerate Black males for engaging in a basic human right? How insidious does it make them look when you understand further that a greater degree of melanin in the skin increases the need and desire for Cannabis? Everyone knows that Melanin is a conductor of energy and gives people of color an advantage when converting rays into energy and protecting us from the Sun and it is this basic innate envy behind the desire to enslave and destroy people of color.
    And when you consider that specialist in the area of radiation sickness consider Cannabis a requirement for successful treatment, plans for genocide against all humans become crystal clear when you consider the prohibition of Cannabis juxtaposed to the amount of radiation we are being doused with daily and limit a human can safely take in over a sustained period of time.
    Personally I would like to see all “business” related to Cannabis fail as it is a human right that all beings are allowed to grow, use and maintain Cannabis.

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