Michigan approves 24 more medical marijuana licenses

Michigan regulators approved 24 more medical cannabis operating licenses under a new regulatory framework, according to an email sent by state regulators to the media.

That now brings the statewide total of licenses issued to 91.

In late November, regulators said they wouldn’t force existing, unlicensed medical marijuana businesses to close before Dec. 31.

Here’s the breakdown of the newly approved licenses:
  • 45 dispensaries
  • 28 growers
  • 10 processors
  • 4 transporters
  • 4 testing facilities

Dozens of MMJ dispensaries are believed to be still operating in Michigan with local approval while continuing to pursue permanent licenses.

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8 comments on “Michigan approves 24 more medical marijuana licenses
  1. Javier on

    They need to continue to let legal state approved dispensaries to buy from care givers because there is not enough state approved cultivations and the ones that are state approved are selling and rediculous prices.

    • Andy on

      Javier, interesting point. If there is no change, is there a way to stay compliant and include existing caregiver capacity while bringing the entire supply chain to recreational scale?

  2. Matt Hoffmann on

    It’s good to see more licenses issued, where will they find the talent to do the work?

    That’s why I’m here. I put people to work in weed.

    • Pete on

      Are you in need of any property? We have a 14 acre heavy industrial parcel that is in the green zone for all 5 cannabis licenses. If interested call Pete 815-701-6597.

    • William on


      I am recently retired from technology sales and looking for that second career. Can you give me any advice on skills,certifications etc. that would help develop specific skill sets to work in the cannibus industry in Michigan ?

      Best Regards,


  3. Randy Hatfield on

    I have your gifting of clones. Within southwest Michigan. 12 to 32 inches.between 20 to 70 dollars for.different size cobtainers an nutritional soil consultation. On how to grow.min amount of 100.00 to deliver.269. 357 5640.tex if can.

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