Michigan cannabis worker allegedly licked pre-rolls, sparking vast recall

Michigan marijuana regulators issued a broad product recall Thursday based on a “confirmed complaint” that a processing worker licked pre-rolls.

The Michigan Regulatory Agency’s product recall covered more than 3,000 pre-rolls from 14 retail locations across the state. It’s unclear how many pre-rolls the worker allegedly licked.

The processing center was identified as 3843 Euclid in Bay City.

The center’s processing license has been suspended for 14 days, according to

“It’s an overall unhygienic process that has the potential to spread a host of respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses,” Bob Wheaton, public information officer for the Michigan Department of Health & Human Services, wrote in an email to Marijuana Business Daily.

“An analog in food safety would be a cook at a restaurant licking someone’s eating utensils.”

While there probably isn’t sufficient data to make a judgment about the possibility of COVID-19 transmission, Wheaton wrote, “we do not think we can eliminate the possibility. The virus that causes COVID can certainly be found in saliva.”

State regulators said their investigation is ongoing.

Sales of the recalled products occurred between June 10 and Aug. 3. A number of brands were identified in the recall.

Multiple pre-roll sales were made after the state started its investigation, reported, suggesting that some sales might have occurred after the products had been placed on an “administrative hold” in the Michigan cannabis tracking system.

The state bulletin said consumers who bought the recalled pre-rolls should return them to the point of purchase for proper disposal. Retail outlets are required to notify patients and caregivers who purchased the pre-rolls.

State officials also asked consumers who had any adverse reactions to contact the regulatory agency.

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One comment on “Michigan cannabis worker allegedly licked pre-rolls, sparking vast recall
  1. Cattymama on

    No reputable company licks pre-rolls anymore. I don’t know about Michigan, but here in Humboldt County, CA. most pre-rolls are filled by machine into preformed cones (no need for moistening) and all workers wear hair nets, masks, gloves, lab coats etc. & do this job under sanitary laboratory conditions. Even if they are filling the cones by hand, they would still never handle them in an unsanitary way.
    Any company that is hand rolling pre-rolls that require any moistening to seal them should not be in business since they don’t know what they are doing, and employees that are doing the processing should always be trained in safe & sanitary procedures, monitored and managed, including having cameras in the processing facility where this job is done.
    This company is acting like a black market operation & should be shut down, not just fined.

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