Michigan Could Take Up MMJ Bills Soon

Michigan’s legislature could address the state’s medical marijuana woes as early as December.

Kevin Cotter, a Republican in the House Judiciary Committee, said his top priority next month is to take up three medical marijuana bills, all of which would have a huge impact on the state’s reeling cannabis industry.

One measure – House Bill 4271 – would clear the way for medical marijuana dispensaries in Michigan after a recent ruling by the Supreme Court banned these businesses from operating.

The second bill, House Bill 5104, would legalize edibles, and the third – Senate Bill 660 – would allow pharmacies to sell medical marijuana, but only if the federal government approved cannabis as a prescription drug.

“I want to take a closer look at medical marijuana distribution in light of the Supreme Court decision,” said Cotter. “And so, I expect that we’ll be able to take a look at that in the couple of session weeks that we have remaining.”

Michigan legalized medical marijuana in 2008; however, the law does not specifically allow dispensaries. Centers opened anyway but have always existed in a legal gray area.

Earlier this year, the state Supreme Court ruled that dispensaries are illegal under Michigan’s law.

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One comment on “Michigan Could Take Up MMJ Bills Soon
  1. cindy on

    If michigan is mpp, y do we still need police to come and raid places , people dont have safe asseses to get meds from. Or go back to there place, and it closed, why dose this go on ???

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