Michigan Dispensary, Edibles Legislation Still in Limbo

Michigan lawmakers are attempting to advance a pair of bills that would re-establish a legal foundation for medical cannabis dispensaries and allow the sale of infused products.

But concerns from the law enforcement community have delayed the measures.

Both bills have already cleared the House, and a key legislator initially expected that the Senate would more forward with them by the end of last month. Now, however, the Senate is hoping to take up the bills on Oct. 22, as legislators are still discussing the legislation with law enforcement officials.

, Michigan Dispensary, Edibles Legislation Still in Limbo

In February, a state Supreme Court ruling gave county prosecutors the power to shut down MMJ dispensaries cited as a “public nuisance,” because many dispensary owners have been skirting the law and abusing their positions as cannabis retailers. State legislators are trying to figure out the best way to cull the dispensary herd so that law-abiding shops can remain open, while the “bad players” get shut down.

The Michigan Court of Appeals found in July that edibles are not a permissible form of medicine under state law, which then left other infused products hanging in a legal gray area.

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3 comments on “Michigan Dispensary, Edibles Legislation Still in Limbo
  1. Chris Lindsey on

    I do not believe its so much about law enforcement concerns as it is the governor’s office indicating that he needs to see more centralized regulatory authority and the request that the bill include more regulations on edibles. While we would like to see a vote sooner, getting the governor’s tacit agreement to a bill is a very positive sign, and there are no indications that these requested changes would significantly harm protections included in the bill.

  2. Robert Wood on

    I’ve been contacting Michigan state senators to find out if bills 4271 and 5104 will get a vote this year. So far it does not sound that promising. Arlan Meekhof is in charge of deciding which bill will be put to a vote. I contacted Arlan’s staff, but they were not sure about a vote, saying the bills need more senator support. I’m hoping you will be interested in contacting Arlan Meekhof and your local senator to ask for a vote on bills 4271 and 5104.

    Alan Meekhof: [email protected] 517-373-6920

    List of Senators: http://www.senate.mi…enatorinfo.html

    Here is a portion of the letter I’m sending.


    I’ve been watching the Michigan Senate for many months now, expecting a vote on Bill 5104 and 4271. The Michigan House overwhelmingly passed these bills many months ago.

    Can you explain why the Senate has not voted on these bills? Patients in need would be helped by these bills. Especially patients with serve epilepsy. If you care about the patients in need, you’ll move these bills to a vote.

    I would be interested in meeting to discuss future legislation that could further help patients in great need. Creating a larger medical marijuana cultivation focused on high CBD and low THC medicine is greatly needed. It’s about getting the right medicine to the people that need it most. It’s a lifesaving medicine that could help people in your district. This medicine is currently being used to treat thousands of patients in other states.

    I invite you to pass along my concerns to your fellow senators in Michigan.

    Please let me know if you’d like to discuss how we can work together to help patients in need.


    Bill 4271

    “medical marihuana provisioning center regulation act”

    A bill to regulate medical marihuana provisioning centers and

    other related entities; to provide for the powers and duties of

    certain state and local governmental officers and entities; to

    provide immunity for persons engaging in medical marihuana-related

    activities in compliance with this act; to prescribe penalties and

    sanctions and provide remedies; and to allow the promulgation of



    Bill 5104

    “Michigan medical marihuana act,”

    Editables and Extracts

    Thanks for reading.

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