Michigan issues emergency rules for medical marijuana industry

The agency overseeing the rollout of Michigan’s regulated medical marijuana market released emergency industry rules Monday, and they were quickly signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder.

According to, businesses will be able to start applying Dec. 15 for five types of MMJ business licenses:

  • Retailers
  • Growers
  • Processors
  • Transporters
  • Testing labs

The emergency rules – released by the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation, which is part of the larger Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs – will remain in effect for six months while the agency works to tweak and finalize the regulations.

The emergency rules spell out exactly what companies must do to obtain state permits and include one important provision: Existing dispensaries may remain open while they transition to the fully regulated statewide market – as long as they already have local approval to operate.

Several regulators had stirred controversy in September by suggesting that all dispensaries be required to shut down until they receive state permits.

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3 comments on “Michigan issues emergency rules for medical marijuana industry
    • Gentle Jim on

      Yes they are, just look at the huge costs they will charge for these licenses. is there any doubt this is to exclude the little mom and pop that took the risk and pioneered this market. Another fine example of best government money can buy. All hail Citizens United, All hail the power of billionaires. Just remember if you don’t do politics , politics will do you.
      God bless all those who work to end the failed war on drugs.
      Gentle Jim

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