Michigan offers application help to adult-use marijuana businesses

Michigan regulators are hosting a series of educational sessions in September for potential recreational cannabis business applicants, with online applications starting Nov. 1.

The five sessions are designed to demonstrate the online business license application process.

Under Michigan’s adult-use marijuana law, local jurisdictions decide whether to permit or ban commercial rec MJ activity.

There is no cost to the educational sessions, but – because of space constraints – potential applicants and their representatives should register as soon as possible.

Each presentation will last about three hours.

For those unable to attend in person, application instructions, checklists and additional resources will be made available in the future and posted on the state program’s website.

Here is a schedule for the five sessions (times ET) and the registration links (click the city):

Existing medical marijuana business owners are encouraged to participate in customized demonstrations.

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One comment on “Michigan offers application help to adult-use marijuana businesses
  1. Rocky Jennings Dewyer on

    I Am The GoD head and voice of that plant in all its good work!

    I’m also a church!!!!!

    I have no resources, no income to begin these things! And I have a huge falsified religion who is spearheading God by running the market of that plant. A lot of help and a little recognition would be nice to get me in the door!

    It ain’t all about money! It is definitely a good thing for the people. But I feel owed by my state! Just sayin, I am the GoD voice, and the laws are being catered and made through observance of me! I figured, might be good to get them tigers back and making some game too! Knock, knock!

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