Michigan rejects first medical marijuana business license applicants

No medical marijuana businesses received approval Thursday in Michigan’s first review of applications.

According to the Detroit Free Press, an applicant for a dispensary license and an applicant for a delivery permit were temporarily rejected by the state’s Medical Licensing Board.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • The two companies applied for preapproval at the state level, but they hadn’t received approval from the locality where they would conduct business.
  • The would-be owner of the dispensary business was temporarily denied for not disclosing a marijuana possession charge on his record.
  • The delivery company applicant was temporarily denied for an undisclosed misdemeanor discovered during a background check.
  • Both applicants are expected to appear before the board again next month for reconsideration.
  • Regulators and police recently began cracking down on Michigan’s unlicensed MMJ businesses. They sent cease-and-desist letters to more than 200 such businesses, telling them to go through the licensing process or be turned over to law enforcement.

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One comment on “Michigan rejects first medical marijuana business license applicants
  1. Gentle Jim on

    And so those who depend on these previously legal dispensaries are again totally forgotten about. Wasting more time and taxpayers money on NEEDLESS regulation that has more to do with control and delay while they get their cut in MMJ revenue. Can you say” DRAGGING YOUR FEET”.

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