Michigan warns cannabis businesses about potential scams

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Michigan’s marijuana regulator is warning licensed cannabis businesses about an increase in fraudulent activity targeting the industry.

The state’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) noticed an uptick in August and September in scams against marijuana companies, according to a news release.

A typical scam plays out like this:

  • Businesses are contacted by phone or text message by someone who wants to buy a large amount of marijuana flower or other products on behalf of a licensed company.
  • The person seems to know the industry well and gives a legitimate business license number to place the order.
  • When a secure transporter arrives, the destination for the product is not a licensed business.

The CRA recommends that licensed companies verify from where the call or text originates before placing any orders and also verify the address of the delivery.

The agency is also reminding Michigan marijuana license holders that state rules require them to notify both the CRA and law enforcement within 24 hours of theft, loss or other criminal activity.