Michigan’s new medical marijuana laws take effect

New medical marijuana laws went into effect in Michigan this week.

The laws legalize medical cannabis dispensaries, regulate cultivation and processing operations and enhance legal protections to patients who have been recommended to use edibles or oils rather than smokable marijuana.

The laws also include an additional category for cannabis-infused products, as well as an added tax on dispensaries and a state licensing system to cultivate, sell, transport and test cannabis. The laws also institute a seed-to-sale monitoring system.

Michigan’s medical marijuana laws haven’t been updated since voters legalized medical marijuana in 2008.

Also this week, the Michigan appeals court ruled that the state’s MMJ law protects anyone accused of illegally transporting marijuana.

Earlier this year, Michigan’s MMJ program came under fire after an audit found that only a few doctors were responsible for approving tens of thousands of patients for MMJ.

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2 comments on “Michigan’s new medical marijuana laws take effect
  1. Gentle Jim on

    Most doctors are under the threat of discipline or dismissal by their health care employers if they even speak to patients about cannabis. Both my now retired and my current health network doctor told me this. I’ve been using cannabis for 5 years now instead of opioids and it has probably saved my life, but the political criminals have made it harder and harder to gain legal access. It’s time to take names and target these purchased politicians on the local level as well as in Lansing and DC . God bless all those who work to end the war on drugs.
    Gentle Jim

  2. Debra Earley on

    Are there any places that are still open where you can obtain medical marijuana near Muskegon MI? It seems like I heard that they were all closed down.

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