Minnesota gov preparing for a potential adult-use cannabis market

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz ordered state agencies to prepare for legalization of recreational marijuana, despite a vow by the Senate leader to block any such legislation in 2020.

Walz, a member of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party, told Minnesota Public Radio News that he’s relying on supporters to continue pushing for legalization.

“My agencies have been tasked to put all of the building blocks in place, from Revenue to the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Health,” Walz said.

“We will have everything ready to go, and we will be able to implement it in Minnesota the minute the Legislature moves this.”

But the Republican-controlled state Senate remains a high hurdle.

The Senate rejected a bill last session that would decriminalize recreational marijuana in 2022.

Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka said he has no interest in reconsidering the matter.

“It’s my position that it’s not good for Minnesota. It’s dead as far as I’m concerned in the Senate for next year,” Gazelka said

House Majority Leader Ryan Winkler said he plans to sponsor a legalization measure next year.

Winkler, a member of the same party as Walz, said he wants to get the public’s input over the next few months through about 15 listening sessions around the state.

“I think most of us who have looked at the issue think that legalization is the path we have to take,” Winkler said.

“But I don’t want to prejudge that until we’ve had that conversation with Minnesotans,” he added.

– Associated Press and Marijuana Business Daily

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7 comments on “Minnesota gov preparing for a potential adult-use cannabis market
  1. Joe on

    It’s about time to legalize. Why do the Republican politicians want to stop freedom of choice as they drink alcohol at there barbecues?time to vote them out if they won’t listen to the majority of the people.

  2. Corey Weaver on

    I didn’t like the Fact that, Gazelka said, “it’s his Position to say no”, to legal Marijuana. That’s funny, i don’t recall Gazelka asking anybody else what they think…..time to vote him out.

  3. Volk on

    This states about money correct? So you can build a us bank stadium for billions of dollars but you can’t put dispensaries in to create money? What’s going on here?

  4. Aimee Anderson on

    I’d be will to have a conversation with someone regarding this matter. I’m not able to afford my medicine because the program is too expensive.

  5. Chris on

    Any so called Leader that claimed to speak for the people on this subject and says that it’s a dead issue needs to go, they clearly have let too much of their power get to their heads and they think they speak for everyone with their opinion. I can’t even put into words how wrong that is of them. They need a time out…..go sit in the corner and think about what you are doing

  6. Hank on

    Legalization sounds great and everything BUT does that mean the state will start a monopoly like they did with medical? I’d rather grown my own or buy from a mom and pop grow. I don’t care if I’m only allowed a couple plants. I like knowing my flowers haven’t been sprayed with pesticides or fertilizers. Otherwise what’s the point?

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