Missouri licenses 192 medical marijuana dispensaries

It took only two days for Missouri regulators to award all 192 medical cannabis store licenses in the state.

Voters approved a constitutional amendment in 2018 that requires the state’s Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS) to license at least 192 dispensaries, 24 in each of Missouri’s eight congressional districts, according to St. Louis Public Radio.

Medical marijuana sales are expected to begin in the spring, according to the DHSS.

Marijuana Business Daily projects annual retail sales will reach approximately $300 million in a few years.

The DHSS started issuing dispensary permits on Thursday and published a complete list on Friday of licenses awarded and applications denied.

The agency could award more licenses beyond the 192 already issued, but officials want to see if the minimum number can meet demand.

“In early 2019, DHSS commissioned an independent study from the University of Missouri to determine how many licenses would be necessary to meet Missouri’s demand,” agency spokeswoman Lisa Cox said in a statement.

“The results showed it would be many years before the medical marijuana market would be likely to sustain even the minimum number of licenses mandated by the constitution.”

Seed-to-sale facility certifications will be disclosed Jan. 31.

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2 comments on “Missouri licenses 192 medical marijuana dispensaries
  1. ian r humphry on

    my wife has been in severe pain for over 10 years and the only reason she hasnt tried MMJ is because it wasnt legal here in MO. we could have gotten it somewhere else and brought it in, but we dont want to do that. i am looking forward to her being pain free, without the use of pharma drugs. she also has lung problems so she cant smoke, but is excited about possible tincture/edibles with a thc/cbd profile that could help. we know we will have to try different ratio formulas but hopefully we will be able to find the right mix soon. she doesnt want to do it to get high, she just wants to be out of pain. her doctors had her on roxycodone 10mg instant release for over 10 years, they worked, but they are still drugs. then her new doctor took her off of those and put her on morphine 15mg extended release, these have caused her teeth to crumble and are worse than the roxycodone. i dont use MJ myself and cant because i have CDL and MJ is still illegal under federal law but the day it is legal on a federal level i would probably try it myself for my pains. cant wait to see my wife off the morphine and be better off.


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