MJ Freeway’s point-of-sale system goes down again

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MJ Freeway’s recreational and medical marijuana point-of-sale clients experienced another outage Friday.

Retail and dispensary clients using the company’s Tracker system experienced incorrect prices appearing on cannabis products, so MJ Freeway pulled the system down in the afternoon with hopes of getting back online by the end of the day.

Some retailers lost transaction histories for the entire day and some logged transactions by hand and on spreadsheets.

Marijuana businesses industrywide experienced the outage.

The majority of MJ Freeway’s 1,000-plus clients use the company’s legacy Tracker product, according to Jeannette Ward, the company’s director of data and marketing.

One of the cannabis industry’s leading technology firms, MJ Freeway has developed new software that it plans to implement in 2018.

The outage Friday was similar to what MJ Freeway clients experienced last month, when retailers across the industry who use the Tracker software were forced to close and lost thousands of dollars in business.