BioTrackTHC Sued By its Former Attorney

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One of the leading software firms serving the cannabis industry has been hit with a lawsuit by one of its former attorneys over alleged violations of an employment contract.

The lawsuit – filed in a Broward County, Florida, circuit court – alleges that BioTrackTHC has not granted or paid the value of stock options due to attorney Barry Gainsburg, who was employed by the company from August 2014 until early this month. Gainsburg filed the suit himself.

The suit asks a Florida judge to award Gainsburg’s firm at least $630,000 plus attorney’s fees and costs, claiming that BioTrackTHC “has failed and refused to repay (Gainsburg) for the services rendered.”

The suit also says former BioTrackTHC CEO Steven Siegel demanded that Gainsburg provide legal work outside of his firm’s obligations to the company. On one such occasion, Gainsburg claims he was forced to draft a pre-nuptial agreement for Siegel and another BioTrackTHC employee.

The suit also says that the former BioTrackTHC CEO threatened to terminate Gainsburg’s contract if he did not work on these issues, which also included contesting an invoice for a home alarm system, dealing with contractor work and mechanics liens placed on Siegel’s home, and dealing with a shareholder and “former domestic partner” who also owed rent to a third party.

BioTrackTHC’s current attorney, David Shiner, called the suit “bogus.”

“He’s reached out to news agencies just to try to get publicity for himself,” Shiner said. “He’s a disgruntled attorney who got fired for not doing his job.”