MJBizDaily calls for participation in 2022 marijuana compensation survey

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FutureSense, a California-based management consulting firm and the data partner for MJBizMagazine’s annual salary issue, is opening its 2022 industry compensation survey to marijuana companies through mid-March.

MJBizDaily is asking marijuana businesses to participate to provide a more accurate snapshot of cannabis industry compensation.

Results of the survey will be published in the May-June 2022 issue of MJBizMagazine, and a more exhaustive list of job titles and benchmark compensation data will be available for download.

The Cannabis Compensation Survey is compliant with antitrust guidance from the U.S. Department of Justice, which stipulates:

  • Compensation surveys must be conducted by a third party.
  • No individual company can represent more than 25% of the weighted data.
  • Data must be aggregated so that individual salaries are not identifiable.

FutureSense is welcoming organizationwide submissions from cannabis companies to share compensation details. Individual employees are not eligible to share salaries for the survey.

“Participation in the survey is integral to produce the most accurate results possible,” said Matt Finkelstein, a consultant for FutureSense and point person on the survey.

“Individuals and organizations throughout the industry are realizing the value these results provide.

“Providing data benefits employees, employers and the industry as a whole. Participation is easy and confidential – this survey follows all DOJ guidelines regarding confidentiality and anonymity to ensure unbiased results.”

The National Cannabis Industry Association endorses the survey.

MJBizDaily will have access only to final aggregate numbers and will not be privy to compensation for individual companies.

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In addition to submissions, FutureSense is analyzing data from Green Leaf Payroll & Business Services, and Western Management Group is assisting with survey development, data management and calculations.

To learn more about the survey and receive a data submission kit, sign up here.