MJBizDaily honored for coverage of 2020 election, COVID-19 pandemic

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MJBizDaily and MJBizMagazine won two Tabbie awards for excellence in trade journalism, the Trade Association Business Publications International (TABPI) announced.

The organization awarded a silver medal in the Special Section category to “Marijuana on the Ballot,” MJBizMagazine’s October cover story about the 2020 U.S. general election.

MJBizDaily awards, MJBizDaily honored for coverage of 2020 election, COVID-19 pandemicDescribing the winning entry, TABPI said the package represented “strong, unbiased reporting on a hyper-relevant issue to this magazine’s readership. Good layout and use of appropriate colors and images make the entire package easy to follow and digest. A careful use of data and statistics makes this both timely and evergreen in its utility as a standalone resource.”

TABPI also recognized MJBizDaily and MJBizMagazine for coverage of the coronavirus pandemic. The editorial team’s submission was one of the top 25 entries in the COVID-19 Coverage category.

Denver-based MJBizDaily first began writing about COVID-19 in the March 10, 2020, website story, “In wake of coronavirus, cannabis firms look for packaging outside China.”

Within weeks, the global pandemic would touch every sector of the cannabis industry, prompting many businesses to reimagine their cultivation, manufacturing and retail processes.