MJBizDaily launches survey on women and minorities in cannabis

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As the cannabis industry evolves and expands in the U.S., more focus has been placed on social equity and diversity.

But to understand where the industry is going, it’s important to understand where it already is.

With that goal in mind, MJBizDaily has launched a survey to assess the state of women and minority leadership in cannabis.

The information will form the underpinning of the third edition of the Women and Minorities in Cannabis report, available this fall.

In addition to providing metrics around participation, the team at MJBizDaily will examine where the barriers to participation still exist and provide resources for overcoming the challenges.

Owners, founders and executives with dispensaries/retail stores, commercial cultivation operations, infused product manufacturers and vertically integrated businesses as well as investors who fund cannabis companies are invited to participate in the survey, which is available here.

The survey will be open for responses through Wednesday, July 28.