MMJ Company Appealing to Google Over Rejected Online Ads

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Vireo Health, one of the five licensed medical cannabis businesses in New York, is trying to persuade Google to change its mind about running ads from the company.

Google has rejected proposed ads from Vireo seven times now, pointing to policies that ban the “promotion of substances that alter mental state for the purpose of recreation.”

But Vireo CEO Ari Hoffnung penned a letter directly to Google, trying to make a case that the company has complied with all of the tech titan’s requirements.

“Our products are not ever (and legally cannot be) sold or used for recreational purposes,” Hoffnung wrote. “We believe that Google’s rejection is a misapplication of Google’s own policy.”

Although Hoffnung’s letter was diplomatic in tone, it also hinted at possible legal action if Google continues to rebuff Vireo’s request for ad space.

“Depriving Vireo of full access to Google’s advertising platform under these circumstances… very well may constitute violations of the First Amendment and antitrust laws,” Hoffnung wrote.