MMJ Patient Boom in Rhode Island

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Rhode Island’s three medical cannabis dispensaries must be pleased: In the past two and a half years, their customer base has exploded.

The number of registered patients has soared from 4,489 in 2013 to 11,620 currently, according to the Providence Journal.

That’s likely at least partially due to a big increase in the number of doctors willing to write medical cannabis recommendations for patients – showing how critical it is to get healthcare professionals on board.

Two years ago, there were only 512 such physicians in the state, and now there are 684, the Journal reported.

The vast majority of patients, 62%, reportedly use MMJ for chronic pain. The next most common ailment is severe and persistent muscle spasms.

There’s also a robust caregiver system in place. Rhode Island has 3,238 registered caregivers, according to the Journal, and each of those can grow MMJ for up to five patients apiece.