More CA enforcement: 250 grows targeted, 614,000 marijuana plants seized

In California, a 39-county sting operation at 250 illegal cannabis cultivation sites resulted in the arrest of 52 people and the seizure of more than 614,000 plants, authorities said Thursday.

The raids signal yet more acceleration by state and local authorities to rein in black-market operators, which licensed operators argue cause distinct harm to their businesses.

Multiple enforcement actions have been announced throughout the Golden State in the past two weeks. It’s unclear how many are related to the large-scale operation announced Thursday.

Here are some of the most recent enforcement activities:

  • The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Cannabis Enforcement team destroyed more than 8,500 cannabis plants at two unlicensed grows. The plants were valued at more than $4.3 million.
  • Separately, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office destroyed 5,473 marijuana plants valued at about $2.7 million at three unlicensed grows.
  • The Kern County Sheriff’s Office raided three Oildale dispensaries, arrested five men and confiscated more than 43 marijuana plants, 280 pounds or flower, 1,228 packages of edibles and more than 17,800 grams of cannabis concentrates. Recreational marijuana is illegal in Kern County.
  • Separately, the Kern County Sheriff’s Office raided two Northwest Bakersfield dispensaries, arrested seven people and seized 73 pounds of marijuana, more than 6,200 grams of concentrates, 1,035 packages of edibles and 17 marijuana plants.
  • The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office destroyed 2,139 cannabis plants in a raid on an alleged illegal cultivation operation in Blocksburg. The cultivators face up to $121,000 in violations per day.
  • The California Highway Patrol arrested a Florida man who was transporting 850 pounds of cannabis that he allegedly planned to sell on the black market to cannabis retailers.

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7 comments on “More CA enforcement: 250 grows targeted, 614,000 marijuana plants seized
  1. George Bianchini on

    614,000 plants destroyed. In an effort to assist these hard working law enforcement folks, I suggest that they farm out the destruction part to a private contractor. Law enforcement seems to find much joy in the hunt and takedown of those responsible but the destruction part is hard work.
    I remember hearing at a cannabis event several years ago that we all, being good American’s, could assist law enforcement destroy the illegal pot by fire. Burn all of it he said, every little bit helps. If we all (legal pot people) smoke one or two joints per day of this bad weed we could have it destroyed in no time at all. And unlike law enforcement, we won’t have to be paid for hazardous duty, you know because were all dopers anyway. God Bless America!

  2. Corey 710 on

    McDonalds has the greatest food in the world! Soon, all of your reefer will be the same quality! Weed is legal! Woo Hoo! However, it also will cause cancer now… and you will still go to jail for it.

  3. Aleafia Green on

    OMG America is living in the dark ages, and they are going to be left in the dust at the green rush. Americans, this green sacred plant is medicine. It is going to heal you but you are too blind sick and ignorant to see what is right there in front of your eyes.

  4. Kris Etemadi on

    California should continue to enforce the law, weeding out the illegal operations and protecting the public. This is important as the venture capitals and investment funds are getting involved in the industry as well. On the other hand, Consumers should also be aware and not take chances with illegally farmed products. But the medical benefits of MJ are real and probably the hidden potential which will be realized with additional research. The “funny stuff” perception will change in time.

  5. Doug Petell on

    Recreational cannabis is NOT illegal in kern county! Is is banned from being SOLD in kern county. Cannabis is perfectly legal to consume in all parts of California, including keen county.

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