Most Maryland doctors not signing up to recommend medical cannabis

A minuscule 1% of Maryland’s 16,000 doctors have registered to recommend medical cannabis to patients, signaling that the state’s industry could face an uphill battle when it comes to its potential patient pool.

In addition, two of the largest hospital systems in the state have prohibited their doctors from registering with the program, the Baltimore Sun reported Monday.

Reluctance on the part of physicians to opt into MMJ programs has led to smaller-than-expected patient pools in states such as Illinois, Minnesota and New York and can be a big hurdle for cannabis industry participants.

So far, only 172 doctors in the entire state of Maryland have signed up to recommend MMJ.

That’s “going to create a problem” for the program at large if more physicians don’t opt in, the head of the state’s professional physician association told the Sun. And 95% of the doctors who have registered plan to serve only patients in the Baltimore area, leaving many potential MMJ consumers without easy access to a doctor’s recommendation.

The issue could balloon for the highly-anticipated cannabis market if more physicians don’t change their minds before the program launches next year. For example, the tiny patient pool in New York led to some dispensaries not seeing a single patient on opening day in January.

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4 comments on “Most Maryland doctors not signing up to recommend medical cannabis
  1. Qsilver on

    Drs of Osteopathy (DO’s) and the remaining MD “believers” not involved with “the corrupt medical systems” will be the ones to take up the slack and profit, from the legalization of the nutraceutical.

    The lines have been drawn by the call out of the FDA to turn around and populate the nutraceutical markets with their financial dynasty of corruption under the auspices of “safe products”….meanwhile we witness continuance and recommendations of rip off drugs with more side effects. Give me Liberty! Give me Life!

    • Eric on

      Why should the doctors recommend mj? They are being bought off and plied with drug samples from BIG pharm.
      If a patient wants mj, then the doctor shouldn’t refuse that request.
      The “hospital system” are giving the doctors their marching orders.
      Good post Qsilver.

  2. Tamas on

    The problem in todays medical field, is that its about making lots of money and nothing to do with the well being of people.Those doctors that wont register should have there medical license revoked on the grounds of inhumane practices.

  3. TVA on

    I work in the medical field… I believe in the medicinal benefits of cannabis to cure, and/or control a number of ailments, as yet to be discovered. Every individual acts in his or her own best interest, so doctors are not exempt from being human. Some see the advent of MMJ as a revenue stream, while others see it as a potential miracle drug that can heal the nations. And, still others fear the corrupt government entities; the loss of their hard-earned medical license. And, others fear the repercussions of bucking the big pharma opiate drug trade. Think about it, that is all that some of them know. They were indoctrinated with this system in medical school… because big pharma is like the CIA, they have operators embedded in the FDA, DEA, USDA, NIH, and every medical school around the world. And, these government entities can take enforcement action against an individual, against a hospital, or against an entire country if they choose to. Afghanistan produces 90% of the opium to make commercial pharmaceuticals. And, where is the American military currently waging war… under the pretext of terrorism? Yeah. So, this current mess will require us (the people) to get off our collective asses, and stand up against oligarchs, and the governmental prostitution, and the corporate takeover of our democracy. God’s speed my friends.

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