Navigating environmental rules needn’t be messy for cannabis growers

California marijuana dispensary, Navigating environmental rules needn’t be messy for cannabis growers

(This is an abridged version of a story that appears in the January issue of Marijuana Business Magazine.)

When California marijuana dispensary owner Chris Jennings decided to apply for a cultivation license in 2016, he helped organize a meeting for growers to discuss water and other natural resource regulations with several city and county officials.

That meeting, attended by about 80 growers, was beneficial.

But it provided only a smidgen of the information Jennings and other growers in Lake County would need to meet county and state environmental requirements related to:

  • Water and air quality.
  • Energy use.
  • Waste discharge.
  • Wetlands, rivers, fisheries and plants.
  • Pesticide use.
  • Even “cultural resources” such as ancient human artifacts.

All were on the list of potential impacts that needed to be assessed and remedied.

So, what’s a business owner to do with so much information to digest and then act on?

One can hire consultants, as did Jennings, owner of Lakeside Herbal Solutions, a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Clearlake, California.

Moreover, experts told Marijuana Business Magazine that investing in environmental improvements and efficiencies – even beyond those required by law – might mean the difference between success and failure in these days of razor-thin wholesale margins among growers.

Click here to read experts’ thoughts on:

  • The increase in environmental rules.
  • Getting help from regulators.
  • Finding an adviser.
  • The costs of conducting a study.
  • Problems business owners might encounter.
  • What to expect in the future.

Click here to take a deeper dive into how marijuana cultivators can conserve energy.

2 comments on “Navigating environmental rules needn’t be messy for cannabis growers
  1. Pat on

    “All were on the list of potential impacts that needed to be assessed and remedied.”

    Have any of these “potential impacts” been assessed for on the thousands of gardens in ca. being grown each spring,summer and fall by people doing it for a hobby or to sell fruit/vegetables at a stand near their home? Some of these gardens being much bigger than some of the cottage cannabis growers. They’re not. It’s all BS. All that money is going toward lining the pockets of corrupt and lazy govt. agencies and snake oil salespeople. And if all the licenses handed out to growers w/canopy of 2500sft or so; you wouldn’t need any of this. The so called risks would be negligible. So, if it’s “so risky” as to require all these govt. agencies to get involved, why did the govt. set it up this way in the first place? I think most know the answer.

  2. Mike on

    And Aurora jumped right into this by partnering with Micron Waste Technologies. They just received a patent to turn cannabis waste into gray water to be reused. Google them check it out, just made a deal with a distributor in U.S. to service cannabis grows.

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