Netflix develops cannabis strains to promote ‘Disjointed,’ other shows

In the latest example of a mainstream company getting involved with the marijuana industry, Netflix recently partnered with a California medical marijuana dispensary to develop and sell 12 cannabis strains based on 10 of the company’s shows.

The entertainment and streaming giant contracted with West Hollywood dispensary Alternative Health Herbal Services to open a pop-up shop to sell the marijuana last Friday to Sunday in conjunction with the premiere of the series “Disjointed,” Variety reported.

The series, starring Kathy Bates, is about a woman who operates a marijuana dispensary in California.

Three of the strains sold at Alternative Health Herbal Services’ pop-up were developed specifically for the “Disjointed” series – Omega Strain, Eve’s Bush, and Rutherford B. Haze, according to Variety. The other strains were modeled after nine other Netflix shows.

The three-day pop-up sold 27 pounds, according to Ad Week.

Netflix employees didn’t touch the plant, according to Carrot, the marketing firm that worked on the Netflix-Alternative Health collaboration.

Alternative Health – which claims to be Southern California’s oldest MMJ dispensary – handled the marijuana and put it inside packaging designed by Carrot to promote “Disjointed.”

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2 comments on “Netflix develops cannabis strains to promote ‘Disjointed,’ other shows
  1. bog on

    I watched the entire first show, and felt it was really terrible. I don’t feel the show is doing the cannabis industry any type of favors at all. It’s using ridiculous stereotypes and featuring scenarios at the dispensary that would be gross violations of the law. Yes, I know it’s a comedy and not a documentary but it’s ridiculous to the point of being offensive. If the stereotypes featured were regarding a race of people instead of a group of people – cannabis users – the series wouldn’t survive a single episode.

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