Missouri company wins $500K contract to review state’s medical cannabis applications

(This story has been corrected to reflect that Wise Health Solutions is based in Missouri.)

A Missouri company won a one-year contract estimated at $517,319 to review and score the medical marijuana business applications in the state.

The selected company, Wise Health Solutions, based in Jefferson City, Missouri, is a joint venture between Nevada-based firm Veracious Investigative and Compliance Solutions of Nevada as well as cannabis college Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California, according to KMIZ, a TV station in Columbia, Missouri.

Here are some details about the contract:

  • Wise Health Solutions expects to review and evaluate as many as 2,000 applications. Missouri regulators are taking applications until Aug. 17 for 348 grower, processing, dispensary and lab testing licenses.
  • The company won’t be able to see the name of the applicant or its owners when evaluating an application.
  • Wise Health Solutions will be paid according to each application it reviews: $940 for each dispensary application, $948 for a processor, $943 for a grower and $1,172 for a testing lab.
  • Missouri also will pay the company $215 an hour for consulting and testimony and $22,950 for the initial launch and travel.

Companies from Colorado, Kansas, Ohio and Washington state reportedly bid for the contract.

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4 comments on “Missouri company wins $500K contract to review state’s medical cannabis applications
  1. Rebecca Hardin on

    Doesn’t Nevada all ready have a big enough drug problem. So now we are going to add cannabis in with our other problems.

    If you don’t think our kids, will not get some cannabis you are kidding yourself

    I live in pain but I won’t be using cannabis. This has not okayed by Federal government hasn’t

  2. Mona Lisa Samuelson on

    Nevada has had nothing but scandal surrounding their rating protocol and metodologies so the people directly involved with our huge misfortune are now going on to secure contracts elsewhere, too!? Sounds like the industry insiders know EXACTLY how to cherry pick willing regulators into their game which means Chad W. should be investigated asap. Omg.

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