Nevada official testifies that marijuana licensing process ‘fair’

Nevada’s top cannabis regulator defended in court the state’s handling of a recreational marijuana retail licensing round that occurred last year.

While not perfect, “the application process was a fair process,” said Jorge Pupo, head of Nevada’s marijuana enforcement division, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Pupo’s testimony in Clark County District Court came this week in a case filed by about three dozen unsuccessful applicants who allege the process was flawed and biased, and want a do-over.

For more information about the case, click here.

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2 comments on “Nevada official testifies that marijuana licensing process ‘fair’
  1. Louis Baker on

    Putting a damper on licenses only adds to the illegal distribution, lower prices, no taxes and no waiting, no sign up or filings. Which agency wants the added burden of enforcement in a legally accepted business. The state will lose revenue to rouge growers and sellers, better to have more competition in the market, operate more like McDonald’s and sell more hamburgers (pot)

  2. Anne Russell, Pharm. D., published author on

    I hesitate to say, as silly as it seems to a lot of our northern brethren lol, youi guys might consider paying more attention to OK Rules and Regs (Question 788) and our wnderful leader who wrote the law, Chip Paul. It is beautiful and for the people… not for big business that is destroying our country, especially the racketeering reprehensible Big Pharma factor that needs to be brought down and exposed (not just marijuana…autoimmune diseases (illegal tax breaks, lack of research because of and for the rapacious, strictly financial-driven practices and ridiculously exorbitant prices for drugs they waste our taxpayer money on advertising all day all over social media). Sorry to throw that in the mix, but the people need to be aware!


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